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Crash, Speed & Burns - Random

Car Do You Believe Advert
Added: 19 Jul 09
Posted By: MrJeene
Views: 1202
Comments: 0

Toyota Car - Can you believe this?

Tags: add crazy stupid car

Eplosion Compilation
Added: 26 Aug 08
Posted By: techmerz
Views: 965
Comments: 0

These nutters create a Eplosion Compilation video. Dangerous stuff.

Tags: Eplosion Compilation

Plane Almost Lands On The Beach
Added: 01 Sep 08
Posted By: Nooker
Views: 1338
Comments: 1

Hey look itís a bird! No waitÖ itís a plane! A HUGE plane and its heading our way lets take pictures and stare at...

Tags: Plane Lands Beach

Bus Wheelie
Added: 18 Sep 08
Posted By: Nooker
Views: 851
Comments: 0

This is kinda strange to watch...an american bus does a pretty crazy wheelie....

Tags: Bus Wheelie

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