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Breakedancer Hits A Baby
Added: 04 Sep 08
Posted By: jookey
Views: 997
Comments: 0

A breakdancer doing his thing and a baby appears from nowhere… I will leave it at that and just let you watch it for yourself…

Tags: Breakedancer Hits Baby

Amazing Asian Dancers
Added: 06 Aug 08
Posted By: MrJeene
Views: 1646
Comments: 0

Watch these Amazing Asian Dancers

Tags: Amazing Asian Dancers

Eoghan Quigg - X Factor 2008
Added: 19 Nov 08
Posted By: OfficialRecords
Views: 1058
Comments: 0

Eoghan Quigg in the 2008 xfactor show

Tags: Eoghan Quigg x factor

Americas got talent - Archer Girl
Added: 05 Sep 08
Posted By: Jalebi
Views: 959
Comments: 0

This girl was pretty wacky. Shes a gymnast with a arching talent. cool.

Tags: Americas talent Archer Girl

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