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Another Reason to Quit Smoking
Added: 28 Aug 08
Posted By: Khiseye
Views: 718
Comments: 0

If those warning labels on cigaratte packs are not convincing enough to get you to quit smoking then this commercial will...

Tags: Quit Smoking

Tobacco Truth
Added: 25 Jul 08
Posted By: VidKing
Views: 1204
Comments: 0

A report on the true affects of Tobacco. Industry leading scientists and media get togther to produce an informative piece of work

Tags: Tobacco Truth

Bowel cancer
Added: 07 Sep 08
Posted By: MedBoy
Views: 783
Comments: 0

Celia Ingham Clark, a consultant surgeon, explains who's most at risk of prostate cancer, the questions to ask if you're...

Tags: Bowel cancer

Why You Should Not Smoke
Added: 15 Sep 08
Posted By: VidKing
Views: 854
Comments: 0

Funny advert showing you why we shouldnt smoke. A different perspective on a sensitve subject!

Tags: Smoke smoking tobacco

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