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TV Ads - Random

One for the Ladies!
Added: 15 Aug 08
Posted By: Khiseye
Views: 1352
Comments: 1

Funny ad showing the true sides on men today!!!!

Tags: ladies

Viagra Commercial
Added: 01 Oct 08
Posted By: MrJeene
Views: 1142
Comments: 0

Prob one of the best Viagra Commercials ive seen....very very funny....

Tags: Viagra Commercial sex

The 1st McDonalds Advert
Added: 24 Sep 08
Posted By: pooboy
Views: 892
Comments: 0

The 1st McDonalds Advert...as filmed when the company had just been born,,,,,

Tags: 1st McDonalds Advert food

Girl in the underground
Added: 16 Nov 08
Posted By: MrTee
Views: 1164
Comments: 0

Funny advert with a Girl on the underground tube network and she undresses in public!

Tags: Girl in the underground train undresses

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