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Animals + Pets - Random

Elephant Animal Burp
Added: 30 Jan 09
Posted By: Nooker
Views: 1486
Comments: 0

Have you ever seen a Elephant Burp??? Watch here to see one in action.

Tags: Elephant Burp

Panda Sneeze
Added: 26 Sep 08
Posted By: pooboy
Views: 1053
Comments: 0

This is a cute video. a mother panda and baby panda relaxing...until the baby sneezes...neva heard a panda panda sneeze...

Tags: baby panda animal sneeze zoo

Cat Fight
Added: 09 May 10
Posted By: Chicken
Views: 1081
Comments: 0

This Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend.. Thanks and enjoy

Tags: Cat Fight

Teacher Fed Live Rabbit To Python
Added: 04 Sep 08
Posted By: jookey
Views: 821
Comments: 0

A teacher in Florida decided it was a good idea to show his students a rabbit being fed live to a python. The school later...

Tags: Fed Rabbit Python

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