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Human Elastic Band Bounce
Added: 15 Sep 08
Posted By: VidKing
Views: 880
Comments: 0

This is crazy. A guy is pulled back on a giant elastic band by a vehicle and they let free to bounce away. very cool.

Tags: Human Elastic Band Bounce

Santa en las Calles (Teaser #1, 2010)
Added: 29 Jul 10
Posted By: selc
Views: 761
Comments: 0

Movimiento que brinda ayuda en diciembre, a las personas más necesitadas, obsequiando: ropa, comida y juguetes

Tags: Teaser, Santa Claus, Homeless, Help

Kobe Bryant Jumps Over an Aston Martin
Added: 24 Aug 08
Posted By: Nooker
Views: 1032
Comments: 0

Kobe Bryant Jumps Over an Aston Martin - This looks fake but still looks cool.

Tags: Kobe Bryant Jumps Aston Martin

Terrible train Incident
Added: 23 May 09
Posted By: jamdonut
Views: 1286
Comments: 0

A man at the top of the train touches the electric Wire of train and got Burnt fully.Its Horrible

Tags: Terrible train Incident

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