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How to make Coke or beer Marinated Steak.
Added: 13 Sep 08
Posted By: mandot
Views: 1017
Comments: 0

As it says on the tin....how to make Coke or beer Marinated Steak as presented by the chef Rob Barrett

Tags: Coke beer Marinated Steak.

Lime Leaf Chicken
Added: 06 Aug 08
Posted By: OfficialRecords
Views: 1479
Comments: 1

Celebrity chef Daniel Green presents a light and easy-to-make lime leaf chicken dish at Carcosa Sri Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

Tags: Lime Leaf Chicken

Hella Delicious: 106 - Homemade Yogurt
Added: 20 Jan 09
Posted By: HellaD
Views: 1064
Comments: 0

Demonstrating how easy it is to make healthy, live-cultured yogurt from fresh raw goat's milk. This slow/low heat method...

Tags: acidophilus, cooking, culture, farm, food, goats, health, live, local, milk, nourishing, probiotic, raw, real, traditional, yoghurt, hellad, mujaji, mandsfarm

Bay Eats Habanero Chilli
Added: 29 Aug 08
Posted By: indiano
Views: 927
Comments: 1

This boy eats one of the strongest chillis in the world as a dare. Habanero means from Havana and is an extremely hot...

Tags: Bay Eats Habanero Chilli

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