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Comedy - Random

Deer Suicide
Added: 06 Jul 09
Posted By: Fredrico
Views: 1215
Comments: 0

Deer runs into tree and knocks it self out infront of a pack of lions

Tags: animals funny

Kung Fu Baby
Added: 15 Aug 09
Posted By: FunkyJunky
Views: 2633
Comments: 0

Funny Kung Fu Baby in Home Video

Tags: Kung Fu Baby

Family Guy Road Trip
Added: 27 Aug 09
Posted By: jamdonut
Views: 1925
Comments: 0

Family Guy Video bout a Road Trip

Tags: Family Guy Road Trip

Bush Again
Added: 25 Jul 08
Posted By: VidKing
Views: 3153
Comments: 1

Oh god. Bush Again! Some say hes dumb…some say hes not. Decide for yourself here….funny stuff! When people hear the...

Tags: George Bush

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